Consultations & Script Review

Provide expertise to entertainment industry executives, writers and showrunners to help them develop more authentic and impactful storylines on a variety of issues. Members of Storyline Partners consult as individual organizations, as well as jointly as part of the collective.

Cultural Competency Frameworks

Develop and guide studios, networks, and production companies on establishing guides to ensure impactful and culturally resonate content and processes to ensure both in front of and behind the camera are founded on equitable practices.

Trainings & Workshops

Produce and lead cultural sensitivity training on timely issues to support networks and studios, ensuring that show content does not negatively impact our communities but, whenever possible, lifts them.

Issue Area & Community-Specific Presentations

Provide writers rooms and other small- to medium-sized convenings of content creators, distributors, and other stakeholders to educate on timely social justice issues.

Connect with Members of Impacted Community

Introduce content providers to individuals that have compelling untold stories in order to inspire new storylines and add depth and accuracy to existing stories.